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I am a mother, a grandmother, a farmer, and a landowner.

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Conservative values is more than just a cliche. Find out where I stand.

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A collection of articles and posts, plus upcoming and recent events.

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Endorsements & Testimonials

  • "A person of the people, that actually listens to what people have to say..."
  • "Christy can actually relate to the concerns of REAL people..."
  • "Fresh enthusiasm and ideas for the job."
  • "Christy Zito is a gutsy and hardworking legislator. She worked hard to get elected, and she works hard to defend our constitutional principles. Idaho needs Christy Zito back in Boise for another term."
    Dick Heller (D.C. vs. Heller, US Supreme Court 2008)
  • "Christy is a pro-gun leader that has stood up for gun owners. Now its time for gun owners to stand up for her. We are proud to endorse Christy Zito!"
    Gun Owners of America
  • "We are proud to support Christy Zito and have named her a 2018 Ag All-Star!"
    Food Producers of Idaho
  • "We are proud to endorse Pro-Life Representative Christy Zito."
    Idaho Chooses Life
  • "We've interacted to some degree with all the legislators this past year. Christy Zito is one of the "real" ones. She never gives out fake, plastic smiles, is always genuine, and has thoughtful input on the committee hearings. The people of District 23 should be proud to have someone of her caliber representing their district."
    Greg Hedger
  • "She'll Stand, and She'll Take the Hits..."
    Congressman Russ Fulcher